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10/10M Nighthold!!

Nurux posted Apr 25, 17

Gaff Dank mounts

3/3M Helya Down!!

Nurux posted Jan 13, 17

Congrats to everyone that helped make this kill happen! We started the expansion with a vastly different roster than we have now and we have only improved. We have now achieved the guild's best ranking to date of US 83.

Let's keep this going into Nighthold

ToV Progress

Nurux posted Dec 21, 16

Quick update:

Nice work on Guarm. That puts us at 2/3M and in a good spot to push for Helya before Nighthold opens on January 17th. In the coming weeks we will be actively trialing a few new raiders (some of which are already here). This is so that we can sure up our roster for a good push come Nighthold.

7/7Mythic EN Complete!

Syndrome posted Nov 5, 16

Good Job All. ToV next

Mythic Il'gynoth: